“Being put in touch with Keith was a life changer for me! I was recommended from a friend and am grateful that Keith and I crossed paths when we did! I am a Marine Corps veteran with 2 deployments, one of them being to Afghanistan. Being  a part of the world’s fiercest gun club does things subconsciously that stick with you for the rest of your life. Keith helped me uncover those things and made me feel less guilty for holding it all in. He made me feel heard for the first time and I been to therapy with the VA hospital many times before and always left because it just didn’t feel genuine. Keith takes a genuine approach to healing and helps you see what the root cause is and expands on your perception towards your life. The BIGGEST takeaway from our sessions is that he helped me rediscover myself. I felt lost for years due to depression and anger issues, leaving me stuck in cycles of emotional traumas. But Keith helped me find myself again by emphasizing my core values I held and redefining them based on my present self and WHO i want to continue to become. I still think about those things till this day because it truly impacted me deeply. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend speaking with Keith if you are looking to unlock your potential and create deep belief in yourself to succeed and change!”